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Charles County Children's Aid Society
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School Supplies
Prior to the beginning of the school year, Children's Aid Society contacts all the schools in the area to obtain lists of the required school supplies by grade level. We then solicit donations of these items from individuals and organizations and ready them in our distribution center. During a two week period prior to the first day of school, we open our distribution center to Charles County students who cannot afford these supplies and provide them with the necessary items required by their specific school.  In order to learn, children need the proper tools.

Middle School Recognition Program

In addition to school supplies, children need encouragement. That is why Children's Aid Society has implemented a student recognition program to recognize scholastic achievement at all the local middle schools. Each student is selected by the school guidance counselors based on marked improvement in academics, attitude or attendance. Children's Aid then presents these children with certificates of achievement and passes to the local movie theater. Middle school years are the hardest for young people; therefore, it is important to encourage them and praise their successes. Children's Aid Society works hard to make sure children understand the benefits of hard work.


Spring 2003

The Carole L. Nutter Scholarship recipients for Spring 2003 were Keisha Butler, Scott Fenwick and Sherri Fimiani. Pictured are Maria Bryan, Executive Director of Children's Aid Society, Keisha Butler, Recipient, and Douglas Nutter, son of the late Carole L. Nutter.



Fall 2002

Children's Aid Society presents three local College of Southern Maryland students with the Carole L. Nutter Memorial Scholarship each Spring/Fall semesters.  Mrs. Nutter was an active supporter of Children's Aid. The recipients for Fall 2002 were Heather Beall, Falin Saltsman and Sean Worchell. On hand for the presentation was Mr. Madison "Buzz" Nutter, spouse of the late Mrs. Nutter. 

This page last updated October 22, 2003.