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Even though the country has experienced a long period of economic stability, many people still are in need and go hungry.

In the past few years, Charles County has seen a great influx of people moving to the area and commuting to Washington DC to work. These individuals bring with them a higher annual salary. This has caused the marketplace to be driven by a consumer who can afford more and caused a wider gap between the cost of living and the poverty level. For this reason, Children's Aid Society is receiving more requests for assistance. As the cost of services and products increases, the needy individuals find it harder and harder to make ends meet. Add to that the substantial increase in heating bills related to rises in fuel costs and it becomes almost impossible for underprivileged families to meet their obligations.

That is where the Children's Aid Society comes in. We are here to provide assistance to those underprivileged families with children under 18 who live in Charles County. Whether it is emergency food or clothing supplies or monetary assistance to keep their power from being turned off, we can offer them IMMEDIATE aid. We have recently added personal care products to our distribution center and are actively seeking funding in order to increase the amount of aid we can offer our clients.

Children's Aid Society's Emergency Assistance Program is a vital link for those in need.

This page last updated July 25, 2003.